TinyFugue Primer

Create a file called ‘.tfrc’ in your home directory. This file is read by TF when it loads. Within your .tfrc file you can both define triggers, macros, etc and load other files. A simple .tfrc file would look something like this:

;define your world
/addworld -Tlp 3k 3k.org 5000

;create a macro, if you type /macroname it will
;send jump then hop to your world immediately.
;within a macro body '%;' separates commands.
/def macroname = jump%;hop

;create a trigger -- if 'trigger text' is seen
;in any part of a line it will send dance then the
;contents of /macroname
/def -t"*trigger text*" triggername = dance%;/macroname

;note above that the trigger is named 'triggername'.
;You can call it just like a macro: '/triggername'

;the '*' on either side of 'trigger text' matches
;any number of characters (including zero). if you
;only wanted 'trigger text' with nothing else to
;invoke the commands you could remove the stars

;if you start a line with ';' it will not be
;processed, this is called a comment.

The full Tinyfugue documentation can be found by typing /help within tinyfugue or online here.

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