If you want blazing fast triggers, have a bad connection at home, and/or want to have a seamless experience between computer and phone you have found the right place. Parimd: The best place to MUD, MOO, MUSH or generally MUCK around.

SSH to a command-line client is optimal because you can enjoy the game as you would exactly as you would at home on any device — whether it be your phone, tablet or terminal on your girlfriend’s macbook.

Even more, your client is running at a datacenter, not your home and that means your triggers will be incredibly fast. Combine this with the power of the ‘screen’ application and you can effortlessly hop between home computer and smartphone or tablet on an incredibly stable connection.

Parimd provides some of the best tools available to play a text-based game — and if we don’t have yours just let us know, we’re happy to add anything that doesn’t present a security risk. The growing list of clients include TinyFugue, TinTin++ and Lyntin with more on the way. Suggestions appreciated!

Features of Parimd SSH:

  • SSH shell you can access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • New! connect to your game via web and penetrate through most firewalls
  • Pre-installed text gaming clients (including TinyFugue, TinTin++ and Lyntin)
  • Legacy versions available
  • Default SSH port 22 as well as port 443
  • FTP/SFTP access to your shell client
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Install (with technical support) any other unix/linux-based command client within your home directory or request that your favorite client be installed server-wide
  • Incredibly Stable connection — even if your internet connection drops or your computer crashes, your client wont
  • Instruction and consultation for making your scripts better
  • Use a SSH enabled graphical client like CMUD Pro on a game without a direct SSH connection to avoid network administrators from snooping on you
  • Great for getting work done as well

All for just $2 a month, $5 a quarter or $15 a year! Sign up here!