GNU’s Screen – An overview of using screen to keep your sessions alive while you move between computers and more

TinyFugue primer

Tinyfugue Documentation (or find the older version 4 documentation here)

Using Rsync and SSH (by Troy Johnson) SSH in without a password, sync your local copy of your config files with your remote copy.

If you’d like something in particular explained, contact me or comment below!

Other Resources on the web

3k Underground 3kug is a community/message board of 3kingdoms players focused on the more intricate side of mud client configuration. while they aren’t affiliated with any particular client many of their members use TinTin++. Check them out!

The Necromancer WIKI Maintained by the Necromancers of 3Kingdoms, this WIKI is designed for users of TinyFugue, TinTin, CMUD/ZMUD and Portal.

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