New hardware and datacenter!

With the pilot program being successful I’ve decided to add a little juice to Parimd and have added a new server, affectionately named Yotta.

Yotta is located at top-notch datacenter with premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global internet. The datacenter features direct connectivity with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Savvis and Level3. Their aggregate connectivity reaches an astounding 8,500+ networks just a single network away from our up-links.


Hello text gaming enthusiasts!

This is the start of what I hope will help those of us who still enjoy the rich worlds of text-based games. Personally, prefer my MUD to any other game that I have encountered so far. Sometimes I am lured away by new graphics but I always return.

Though we have predicted the demise of mudding over the years it seems to be here to stay. It also continues to evolve, and one of those evolutions is moving to mobile devices. SSH to a command-line client is optimal because you can enjoy the game as you would exactly as you would at home on any device — whether it be your phone, iPad or just in terminal on a macbook.

Sometimes you might want a faster ping for your triggers. Combine this with the power of the ‘screen’ application and you can effortlessly hop between home computer and smartphone or tablet.

Parimd will strive to provide the tools needed to play a text-based game. I have the latest versions of TinyFugue (5.0 beta 8), TinTin++ (2.00.8) and Lyntin (4.2) ready for use and can provision set up other clients if requested. There will also be legacy installs of popular mud clients starting with TinyFugue 4.

There is a wiki under construction. Happy gaming!